Portfolio - Architecture

Rockefeller Center_AHP0502-2012 p
Atlas Sculpture & Rockefeller Centre
Empire State Bldg_AHP0451-2012 p
Chrysler Bldg_AHP0426-2012 p
Manhattan Bridge_AHP9895-2012 p
Brooklyn Bridge-DSC_7713p 2010
Brooklyn Bridge-DSC7731-2010p
Brooklyn Bridge_DSCF0844-2004 p
Washington DC Court-DSCF0471-2004p
Guggenheim Gallery-DSCF0962 p 2004
Manhattan architecture-DSCF0161 p
Eureka Tower_AHP0048-2009 p
Melbourne Architecture-AHP0022-2009
Melbourne Architecture-AHP0026-2009
Melbourne Architecture-AHP0070-2009
Melbourne Architecture-AHP0071-2009p
Building Architecture 5-AHP9252-2012
New York Architecture-AHP9766-2012
New York Architecture-AHP0463-2012p
New York Architecture-AHP9772-2012p
New York Architecture-AHP0062-2009p
New York Architecture-AHP7610-2012p
Gateway of India-Mumbai-DSC0010-2007
Windows NY Architecture-AHP7524-2012
Metropolitan Museum-AHP9348-2012
Sydney Opera-AHP0028a-2009p
Architectural Pattern 1-AHP0015-2008
Gate Pattern 2-AHP-20080227-2008
Building Pattern 3-DSC0004-2007p
Hilla Tower Pattern 4-AHP0114-2008p
Paver block Pattern 5-AHP4659-2012p
Trident Hotel Pattern 6-DSC0021-2006
Architecture Pattern 7-DSCF0152-2004
Taj Hotel Pattern 8-AHP158-2006p
Window Pattern 9-DSC0024-2008p
Stairways Pattern 10-DSC7816-2010p
Stairway Pattern 11-DSC7795-2010p
Stairway Pattern 12-DSCF0122-2004p
Guggenheim Dome DSCF0964-2004p
Chandelier AHP7871-2012p
Street Lamp-AHP0024-2009p
Reflection 1-AHP4161-2012p
Reflection 2-AHP4155-2012p
Reflection 3-AHP4098-2014p
Reflection 4-AHP7379-2012p
Reflection 5-AHP9911-2012p
Balcony Pattern 14-AHP7509-2012p
Balcony Pattern 15-AHP7516-2012p
Balcony Pattern 16-AHP9904-2012p
Building Architecture-AHP9736-2012p
New Jersey Jetty-AHP7836-2012p
Building Facade-AHP9744-2012p
Sydney Architecture-AHP0090-2009p
Palm Groove Hotel-AHP0021-2008p
Philadelphia DSCF1025-2004p

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New Jersey Jetty-AHP7836-2012p

Jetty at New Jersey to go to Liberty Island New Jersey USA