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Portfolio - Nature

Untitled-3 Mushroom - Lepiota clypeolaria
DSCN5547 Oriental Garden Lizard - Indian Chameleon resized
01 Red Vented Bulbul
10 Paradise flower
09 Fantail Flycatcher 2
02 Tailor Bird 1
03 Tailor Bird with nest
06 White Breasted Kingfisher
_AHP5155-2 (Copy)
Golden Leaf
Pheasant Crow.jpg
Painted Sandgrouse.jpg
Spotted Deer
_AHP0046 Rhesus Macaque.jpg
Mother & baby Grey Langurs.jpg
JUNGLE TRAIL Bandhavgarh.jpg
Colours of forest Bandhavgarh.jpg
_DSC0089 Pariah Kite.jpg
BLUE JAY (Indian Roller).jpg
Grey langur family.jpg
Spotted Deers.jpg
BENGAL TIGER at Bandhavgarh.jpg
BENGAL TIGER at Bandhavgarh (2).jpg
BENGAL TIGER at Bandhavgarh (3).jpg
Hanuman Langur.jpg
_DSC0064 langur family.jpg
_AHP0389 Serpent Eagle.jpg
_AHP5545 Drongo.jpg
_AHP4739 Flamingoes in flight.jpg
_AHP4735 Flamingoes in flight.jpg
_AHP4277 Pea Blue butterfly.jpg
_AHP4238 Striped Tiger.jpg
_AHP0862 Indian Wanderer (Pareronia Hippia).jpg
_AHP0843 Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus).jpg
_AHP0405 Serpent Eagle.jpg
_AHP0032 Rhesus Monkey.jpg
Wild Boars.jpg

Digital art & prints available. Please enquire for sizes and price list through the Contact page or write in at

Untitled-3 Mushroom - Lepiota clypeolaria.jpg
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