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About Aspi Patel

 A naturalist by heart he has spent his entire life capturing in his heart and camera various shades of life.  Photography is a passion with him. Starting a bit late, after the birth of inspiring daughter Anahita – his first child – he reached an aesthetic height of lens and light.


He is a prolific salon exhibitor and has over 700 Acceptances and various Awards and Certificates of Merit in National and International exhibitions of photography, including an Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO prize in 1989. He has also served on the Panel of Jury for many National and International Salons / Exhibitions.


He has been conferred with the following Honours:


  • ‘Associateship’ of The Photographic Society of India, Mumbai, (APSI) in the year 1985. 


  • ‘Associateship’ of India International Photographic Council, New Delhi, (AIIPC) in the year 1986.


  • He is also recognized and conferred Honours as ‘Artist. FIAP’ (A.FIAP) by The Federation Internationale De La Art of Photographique, Belgium, for his excellence in pictorial colour Transparencies, in the year 1996.


  •  He was conferred Honorary membership of The Photographic Society of India, Mumbai, in January 2012.



He has held two Exhibitions 'GORGEOUS TRAPPINGS' and 'ARCHITECTURE BEYOND PLATITUDE' at the Prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery. 


He has also published a Coffee Table Book 'ARCHITECTURE BEYOND PLATITUDE' which is available with the Author or online on 


He has dedicatedly worked on the managing committee of The Photographic Society of India, Mumbai, for 15 years in various capacities including that of a Treasurer, Jt. Hon. Secretary and Vice President. He has also given slide shows and lectured at the above institute, which is one of the oldest and largest society of its kind in India. Some of his articles have also been published in various club newsletters.


Occasionally he has also conducted Basic Comprehensive Course in Photography. Currently he is a freelance fine art photographer and contributes to 

the Dinodia Photo Library.

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